More on Writing Tip #9

Put a Call To Action (CTA) on every page of your website.

One-syllable verbs are best. Create content that motivates your readers to get in touch, then make it easy.

Here’s a list to get you started:

  • Act now
  • Start here
  • Find it here
  • Get in touch
  • Join today
  • Buy now
  • Sign up now
  • Learn how
  • Add to cart
  • End hunger
  • Quit today
  • Need help?
  • Opt in
  • Click here
  • Run wild
  • Stay informed
  • Give today
  • Send an email
  • Shop now
  • Wake up

Writing your own content?

Nobody knows your business as well as you do.

If you can afford the time and want to try writing your own content, go for it. One caveat, however: knowing the ins and outs of your business doesn’t guarantee that people will read what you write. I offer these tips in the spirit of keeping your readers engaged.

Tips for Writing Content That People Actually Read

  1. Have a point.
  2. Be clear and concise. No rambling.
  3. Provide value. Tell your readers something they don’t know.
  4. Write for your target audience.
  5. Write titles and headlines that pop.
  6. Write a strong opening (or lose your reader with the first sentence).
  7. Give every paragraph a title.
  8. Speaking of paragraphs, short is better than long.
  9. Use a natural voice. Keep it real.
  10. Put a Call To Action (CTA) on every page of your website. One-syllable verbs are best.

Bonus: Enhance your content with great photography and video.

Good luck! (I’m here if you get stuck).

Podcast perfection

Listening to Alec Baldwin and Roz Chast a few years back was all it took.

One hour and I was hooked. The podcast quickly became one of my favorite ways to consume content. Alec Baldwin’s Here’s The Thing is one of the best. Say what you will about the man, I’m a sucker for a great voice. Baldwin also happens to be articulate, funny, well informed and entertaining.

Then came — finally! — Season Two of Serial and, well, I’d listen to Sarah Koenig talk about the weather. Roger Angell’s comments on love in his 90’s on The New Yorker Radio Hour had me in tears. Ira Glass got four of us through a wicked snow storm crossing Wyoming last February. Occasionally a podcast is so good that I listen a second time, like Baldwin’s hour with Jerry Seinfeld. Wet-your-pants funny. Or the 2013 Krista Tippett interview with poet Marie Howe. Two times, all the way through. Loved it. Ditto for her interview with Mary Oliver, who rarely talks to folks with a recorder.

I’ve sampled other podcasts but nothing has stuck like these six:

  • Serial with Sarah Koenig (the woman and her crew know how to tell a story)
  • This American Life (Ira Glass keeps doing for radio what The Sopranos did for television: change the genre)
  • Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin (funny, intelligent, occasionally provocative)
  • Fresh Air with Terry Gross (if I could have any job in the world, I’d take hers)
  • The New Yorker Radio Hour with David Remnick (another take on what’s in the magazine)
  • On Being with Krista Tippett (when you’re in the mood for spiritual, philosophical and intellectual)

Who are you listening to?