Hi there, I’m Rebecca of Rebecca Lee Content Creation.


I help companies, start-ups and nonprofits tell their story on websites and blogs. I also write content for brochures, e-marketing materials and fundraising letters. To keep things interesting, I write for all kinds of industries.


The copywriter’s job is to make people care.


Copywriting is about helping an audience engage with ideas, products, people and services. It's about differentiating your business from the competition. I believe story does that best. Story can create connections, establish expertise and communicate value. Story keeps us real. Told well, on a variety of platforms, story has the power to generate growth, drive visitors to a website, sell products and services, and raise money. 


I aim for clear, concise language.


I keep things simple, and opt for fresh, fun and natural over stiff, dry and corporate. I like informative and enjoyable content. Strong headlines, short paragraphs and punchy Calls To Action. Keywords throughout the website, including titles and blog posts, and text and alt text to optimize search results. I write what I like to find when I visit a website. Instructive (tell me what I need to know) and efficient (don’t waste my time) content, well-told.

The key is to tell it straight. It is done by reporters and by country folk.
— Gabriel Garcia Marquez

My favorite part is creating the voice.


It’s also the hardest part, which is why nailing it is hugely gratifying. Voice registers professional, clever, friendly, hipster... it's the quality that creates personality and keeps you authentic. Voice connects an organization to its readers, prospects and customers, and once that happens, you’re golden.