Why blog?

Putting new content on your site every week—and posting consistently—improves your SEO. A blog gives you a way to connect with customers and readers and maybe influence your prospects. It helps to establish you as an expert, an influencer, someone to pay attention to. Creating an editorial calendar helps to keep you on track.

But maybe you’re not a writer

Maybe you can’t imagine what you’d say or how you’d say it, or how you’d find the time to even try. Solution: hire me to write, manage and publish your posts. I gather information from you via an interview or a questionnaire, create an editorial calendar with topics, keywords, tags and dates, and start posting, preferably on Tuesdays between 10 AM and noon to yield the best click-thru rates.

We’re up and rolling

Your involvement with your blog can be as little or as much as you wish. Some clients write a rough draft that I clean up and publish. Others give me an outline that I craft into a publishable piece, and some shoot me an idea that I research and develop as a post. Regardless of how we handle it, your blog is a valuable tool for imparting knowledge and giving your readers something of value (hint: build relationship). In case you’re wondering, I add alt text, captions and descriptions to photos and videos.

What about the voice?

One reason for the interview is to help me establish your voice for the blog, even though the content is written by yours truly. It won’t take me long to give your blog its unique style and personality, one that feels like it’s coming from you. By the way, I’m most familiar with posting on WordPress and SquareSpace but am open to learning new platforms.