Delete, revise and tweak

Maybe you like to write but need an editor’s eye to review your material. The satisfaction I get from pulling weeds in the garden is the same reason I enjoy editing. Out with the words and phrases that don’t carry their weight. Create two sentences to replace the one that’s four lines long. Write headlines that pop, tweak the text to enhance readability and improve the flow. The natural voice is more engaging than a stiff, formal voice. Language has energy; make sure the reader can feel it.

Turning mediocre into stellar

You want your reader to feel the pulse of the piece. Anything that gets in the way of that happening has to go, or be modified, tweaked or adapted. And of course, typos and misspelled words are verboten. A good editing job can turn a mediocre post, newsletter or brochure into one that people will enjoy and actually read. Mission accomplished.