I saw the ad in the Sunday Times a few months back, changed one word, and stole it. The title was too good to leave on the page.


Everything is Copy is the name of Jacob Bernstein’s HBO documentary about his mom, the gifted and immensely funny (“I’ll have what she’s having”) writer, Nora Ephron. The expression originated with Nora’s mother: everything that’s difficult in life, the woman reasoned—heartache, disappointment, loss—is grist for the writer’s mill, and ultimately something to be thankful for. In its wake sit the seeds and the inspiration for copy—for what I’m calling content.

The world has more of it than ever before, delivered nonstop, in multiple formats, to all corners of the globe on every topic imaginable.


So why produce more?


Because I want to.

I’ll be writing short posts, quick reads, observations, tips for writing your own content, stories, examples of effective content, a guest post now and then, stuff like that. I won’t waste your time, and in the spirit of Everything is Copy, this could go anywhere, be anything.


I hope you come along for the ride.