Tag, I’m it

What about those words that follow your business name, telling the world who you are, what you stand for and why people can count on you? Creating an identity for your brand begins with the logo. I jump in with the tagline, vision statement, company description and talking points—essential components in the launch of your new business. Tags contribute to the story of your brand. They add clarity with short, specific, often catchy phrases that speak to your company’s ethos, products or services.

Start with a discovery session

The powwow kicks things off: the graphic designer and I meet with you to hear your ideas about the company, what you want to achieve, the look and personality you imagine creating and who your customers will be. The two of us take that input and work as a team to create your identity.

Name that tune

If you’re selling products or services that require naming, I can help with that, too. Features of your app, neighborhoods, gear—names play a huge role in establishing identity and creating appeal in the marketplace. Like your logo and tagline, names need to speak to your primary target. The best names capture the spirit of the place, service or product you’re promoting.

Not a start-up?

Maybe your logo feels stale, the tagline’s not cutting it, your company has evolved and the description you wrote ten years ago no longer applies. Tweak your identity and give it a facelift, or shake things up and start fresh. A new logo and tagline can inject your business with renewed energy, sense of purpose, and focus. Your identity is the face of your business. Is yours creating a great first impression? Is it memorable? Does your tag say what you want it to say? Together, we can help.