Use stories to generate support

Fundraising campaigns, blog posts, newsletters, annual reports, grants—the opportunities to tell the story of your organization, the constituents you serve, the issues they face and the problems to be solved are nearly endless. Stories from the field, before and after case studies, the impact on a child or the family receiving services—all provide the gritty, heartfelt details that comprise a great story.

The power of story

Philanthropic research has shown that donors are more likely to donate after reading about the plight of one individual than they are after hearing about the thousands who need help. The struggling masses can feel overwhelming. Making things better for one individual, they reason, is doable. And they give. The appeal needs to touch the heart without sounding sappy or sentimental. I work with you to create a message that resonates with your supporters.

Put strategy behind your messaging

Content is king when it’s planned, purposeful and consistently pushed out to your base of support. I work with you to create an editorial calendar with relevant topics, keywords, deadlines and posting schedule. If it’s well planned and organized, content can be repurposed. Consistent messaging brings clarity about what your organization stands for, who you serve and how you create impact, but it doesn’t happen without a plan.

Stay in touch

Keeping your supporters informed is an excellent way to keep them engaged in your work, and keeping them engaged often translates into support. Sharing stories on your blog and in your newsletter, sending periodic e-blasts, and posting updates on your Facebook page are all ways to engage your supporters. The engagement begins with content.