Writing for the web

Business Owners, I’ll help you create a website that uses the story of your business to set you apart from your competition. I’m available for basic sites—Home, About, Products or Services and Contact pages—as well as longer, more complex sites. I can freshen existing content, write from your rough drafts, or conduct informational interviews, do my homework and create something new. I’m familiar with the backside of Word Press and SquareSpace templates, and have written for custom-built sites. Once the copy’s in layout, I work with the designer to ensure readability, strong headlines and calls to action, adequate length—not too long, not too lean—and navigation ease.

I pepper your text, headers and titles with keywords to optimize search engine marketing. I advocate that you blog (if you’re not up for it, let’s talk blogging services—one of my favorite copywriting gigs). Calls to Action encourage readers to visit other pages on the site and provide another avenue for keywords.

Graphic and Web Designers, let’s work together to build good-looking, well-written, engaging websites for our clients. My preferred process looks like this:

  • Discovery session with you, me and the client
  • I write content
  • Client provides feedback
  • I tweak and send you approved copy
  • You design the site
  • We review together
  • You send to the client
  • We tweak as needed
  • Launch!

I believe that getting everyone on the same page from the get-go (rationale for the discovery session) saves us time and our client money. I’m a team player. I won’t hold things up; quite the opposite, I’m motivated to move things along. I honor deadlines and avoid unnecessary stops and starts. You receive a Word file with approved content, formatted and ready to drop into layout. I ask to see the copy in layout before the link goes to the client, just to be sure the content flows.